Dear Sirs,
I’m a guy, here on holiday last week.
I came on Karpathos twice, and I would complain about the absence, or at least the lackness of bus services to and from the airport, even to/from the main port.

With tourism increase in these years this is not acceptable, especially when the taxi driver charges 35€ for a one way ride from Pigadia taxi station to the airport for 2 people. This is the amount I payed last Sunday to the driver of the taxi in the attached picture. On the same way few days before a driver asked me 28€ (same way!).


I think lack of bus service on Karpathos is not acceptable and I wonder if there is a somewhat agreement among lobbies to maintain this situation. At least I would advice that taxi fares shown on signs are not respected by drivers. Should anyone control?

I would alert even airport management and airlines, that should be their own interest and goal to guarantee links to and from the airport, at least before and after a flight.

Thank you for your attention.
My best regards,
Stefano Docci