As soon as we arrived in Tristomo gulf, during our new eco- activity –, we saw on the plastics a young #turtle that was trapped and full of plastic ribbons.

At first, we thought she was dead but when we touched her she moved and we realized she was still alive!

We took her to our house where we cut off all the plastic ribbons that had stuck in her front flippers and head.

The process was not very easy as it had swallowed some.

When we finished, we released it back to the sea where it swam again happy!

Τρίστομο Κάρπαθος! Φωτό: Ecotourism – Karpathos

She was lucky that we arrived that day at the Tristomo and found her or she would have died.

Always during our eco-activity we try to collect plastic from the environment because as people we feel that in this way we contribute to the preservation of the #environment even a little in this Protected area.

Come with us, walk, enjoy the sunset and clean the bay of #plastics.

All together We can change this situation and see our favorite natural port clean Forever!

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